We accept registration for DepEd Enrollment until September. The US International Enrollment is open the whole-year-round.
No. As an Umbrella School for homeschoolers, VH/VI will take care of your child's record-keeping and official enrollment. This ensures that your child will be promoted to the next grade level or will have the required documents for college or university application if child is in Grade 12.
We have payment installment options. Please refer to the Payment Options.
Your primary task is to guide your child’s learning process. You may consult advisers or Parent Leaders when you need assistance by calling or messaging through the Group Chat Support Neighborhood and Email platforms. You are also encouraged to remain updated with announcements in the mentioned platforms and engage in the Zooming In parent-teachers meeting, webinars, and monitor your child’s Volt In classes and learning activities.
As the parent-teacher or guardian, you are the sole provider of your child’s grades. We provide you with a Fillable Grading Form in the Google Classroom where you input scores (quizzes, performance tasks/projects, recitation/participation) for every quarter. There is a video tutorial to guide you and you may also contact Teacher Daniel or Teacher Amber for technical assistance.
We DO NOT require the traditional portfolio submission and review, projects, or any unnecessary submissions. That will contradict the idea of freedom and flexibility that you should enjoy in your homeschooling. However, we encourage any sharing of your child's homeschool moments in any of the following platforms: Victorious Homeschool EXPO page, Group Chat Neighborhood, Google Classroom Submission Bin, or  your child's Portfolio Website.
Definitely. No matter your situation, it is possible to homeschool with thoughtful planning and creativity. Of course, it requires commitment, and at times, sacrifice. But once you have adjusted, it becomes easier, and you will see that it will all be worth it. Depending on your schedule, you can have sit-down teaching sessions with your child/ren for 1-2 hours or less if your child still so young. You can do this on specific days when it is right for your family. Learning opportunities are always present in the home and more so, when you spend more time together as a family.
Yes! We welcome all learners. With Good & Great Brains' FLAG program, we support children with exceptional as regards learning materials, advising and learning webinars.