Victorious International is Victorious Homeschool's U.S. Accreditation program. We are passionate in giving you the FREEDOM, FLEXIBILITY, and SUPPORT to help you provide the best education that suits your child and your family. We take away the worry of school credentials and accreditation, and create thoughtful, engaging, and research-driven webinars, online Volt In classes, curated explorer classrooms, growth mindsetting, and other learning events to help you along.

Learning WITHOUT the pressure of proving or performing can help you to focus on the learning process. We strive to help you create the best home environment possible sans the overly structured traditional schooling practices because we believe that TRUE homeschooling should neither be confined nor restrictive. It should NEVER instill fear, anxiety, or despair.

EDUCATION should be LIBERATING, a natural road to discovery, challenge, and encouragement. This is how we raise GOOD & GREAT lifelong learners for the next generation!